E-scooters set to hit Ottawa streets, paths this year

City plans to allow 600 of the dockless standing scooters, but with limits on where they can go.

Ottawa could soon join other Canadian cities in allowing electric scooters on its multi-use paths, bike lanes, and even some streets after its transportation committee approved a pilot project Wednesday.

Under the Ottawa plan, e-scooters could travel on the city’s multi-use pathways, in bike lanes and on roads with speed limits of 50 km/h or lower. The scooters themselves could travel no faster than 20 km/h under the proposed bylaw.

E-scooters would be banned from city sidewalks

While the city sees e-scooters as a great way for passengers to travel that “final kilometre” between transit stations and their destination, city lawyers balked at allowing them on buses or trains.

Coun. Jeff Leiper has already bought into the scooters, literally. Rather than waiting to rent, he said he’s waiting for his own to be delivered.

“I want to have my own,” Leiper said.

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