• E-scooter rider
    To operate an e-scooter under the terms of the pilot, you must: You are not permitted to:
  • Are electric scooters legal in Ottawa?
    It’s official: effective January 1st, 2020, Ontario’s government has introduced a pilot program allowing the use of electric scooters. Ontario joins Alberta and Quebec amongst the ever-growing number of Canadian provinces allowing e–scooters on their streets. Privately owned e-scooters have been allowed in Ottawa since the Electric Kick Scooter By-law came into effect on Monday, June 29. … Shared e-scooters must be equipped with a bell, brakes and lights, and areContinue reading “Are electric scooters legal in Ottawa?”
  • E-scooters set to hit Ottawa streets, paths this year
    City plans to allow 600 of the dockless standing scooters, but with limits on where they can go. Ottawa could soon join other Canadian cities in allowing electric scooters on its multi-use paths, bike lanes, and even some streets after its transportation committee approved a pilot project Wednesday. Under the Ottawa plan, e-scooters could travel on the city’sContinue reading “E-scooters set to hit Ottawa streets, paths this year”

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