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    INMOTION SCV R2EX helps the security people especially the security guards, firemen and police officers to travel large area within shortest time.

    It will increased the visibility of the officers who are working to monitor the crowd and public events.

    Great for all types of security uses.

    INMOTION SCV is proving itself to be the economical answer to security personnel for getting around facilities and campuses. Here are just a few examples of way the INMOTION can potentially be of service:

    • • Use by security guard in a gated housing community, condominium and so on.
    • • Use by security guard in shopping malls.
    • • Use by security guard in sports centre such as the badminton stadium, football stadium and so on.
    • • Use by the firemen to move quickly to save the victims.
    • • Use by security guard in manufacturing site.
    • • Use by security guard in colleges.
    • • Use by police for patrolling at the public events.
    • • Use by parking enforcement officers.
    • • Use by school supervisors or emergency personnel.
    • • Use by security guard in the airport.
    • • Other areas where security people need to cover an extended patrol area from one end to another quickly.

    The freedom to move

    INMOTION SCV is very fun and enjoy to ride. You can move quickly at the speed of up to 15 Km/h using INMOTION R2, 18 Km/h using INMOTION V3 and 25 Km/h using INMOTION L6. It is easy to control and can stop quickly on a crowded place. You will feel comfortable throughout your journey to any place you go such as the garden, sidewalk, shopping mall, visiting friends nearby,and other places.

    INMOTION SCV can be kept in the car boot and it is great for the last mile commuting especially for those who still have a distance to travel to work or go shopping after getting out of the bus or train. It is light to carry with you while you are travelling in the bus or train.

    It is also great for students to get around a big campus area in the college or university.

    INMOTION SCV is the perfect transportation for people of all ages.

    INMOTION SCV gives you freedom to move around quickly and can travel long distances without getting yourself tired and sweat. It is your perfect personal transporter.

    INMOTION CANADA Unicycle V3Pro

    INMOTION will escort you wherever you want to go with a pleasure, easy and unique rides; -No more car for park and ride, commute with INMOTION and take it with you on the bus. -Ride it to work and park it in your office. -Use it to go to school and leave it in you locker. Enjoy your life with INMOTION V3! INMOTION V3 is eco-friendly and energy-efficient; -Provides a Gym-free fun workout. -Easy to use. -It only needs few minutes of trial. -Max Speed: 18Km/h. - It needs 1 1/2 hour to have a full charge. -Go 20~30 km on a full charge. -Max weight limits 120 Kg. -Age from 10 years + -Smart vehicle, with app and Hi-Fi Bluetooth. -Safety features build in. For more details and specification Please give us a call @ 1 (866) 630-0006 Free Delivery 1 Year Warranty ORDER NOW visit our website: www.inmotioncanada.com


    The new electric unicycle, V3, will run around 18km/h, will go 20~25 km on a full charge, weighs 13.5 kg, has a BLE Bluetooth function and full app function. The INMOTION V3 just needs 2 hours to have a full charge and its weight limit is 120 kg. Now the INMOTION V3 is available in 5 colors: blue, yellow, green, silver and red. But INMOTION V3 is more than that. INMOTION V3, which has an innovative design that provides easy ride and smooth running experience. The advanced self-balancing technology powered by INMOTION sets a new standard that ensures safe riding and consistent reliability. The bi-wheel design, drop-shaped design, the extensible rod, comfortable cushions and Hi-Fi Bluetooth speakers make INMOTION V3 a better and more comfortable electric unicycle. Now the INMOTION V3 is not yet on the market, but it’ll be available later this year.

    How does the Safety System work

    The INMOTION SCV is equipped with multiple safety alerts. It is important to understand these alerts before you attempt to ride your INMOTION SCV.
    Speed Limiter

    When you approach the maximum allowed speed for a given situation, the INMOTION SCV will push the handlebar back to slow you down. The following figure shows the process of speed limiter.
    When the INMOTION SCV pushes the handlebar back, stop leaning forward and slow down. Always leave a gap between yourself and the handlebar to ensure safety and a smoothly ride. When you slow down, INMOTION SCV will balance itself according to your body movements.


    • Continuing to accelerate and ride against the Handlebar could cause injury or damage from loss of control, collisions, and falls.
    • The speed at which the handlebar pushes back depends on a variety of factors including set-up speed limiter, terrain, payload, and battery condition. The below list shows conditions that will trigger the speed limiter.

    Continuous climbing

    Motor temperature

    Riding on bumpy roads

    High Circuit temperature

    The moment it powers on

    Battery temperature too high or too low

    Low battery

    Continuous descending

    Safe Stop

    If the INMOTION SCV detects severe faults or restrictions (such as being outside the specified riding range), it performs a Safety Shutdown.
    When a Safety Shutdown occurs, the INMOTION SCV automatically reduces its speed, gives the Shaft Shake Warning (shakes the handlebar and makes growling noises), and emits a warning tone.
    You have approximately 14 seconds from the start of a Safety Shutdown to come to a controlled stop and step off. After 14 seconds, the INMOTION SCV will immediately shut down when the Wheels reach zero speed.


    • Never restart and ride your INMOTION SCV after it has indicated an empty Battery or performed a Safety Shutdown due to low Battery. The INMOTION SCV may not have enough power to keep you balanced, especially if you accelerate, which requires more power.
    • If you restart and continue riding after a Safety Shutdown due to low Battery, you risk falling. Also, you risk damaging your Battery Pack, resulting in reduced Battery life and capacity.

    Shaft Vibration Warning

    One of the ways that the INMOTION SCV notifies you when you are at risk of falling is by vibrating and releasing a warning sound.
    The following chart shows situations that trigger a Shaft Shake Warning, and recommended actions:

    Possible Causes

         Recommended Action

    Riding aggressively, accelerating or stopping abruptly.

         Ride smoothly.

    Riding against the Handlebar to speed up.

         Leave a gap between yourself and the      handlebar.

    Riding on rough terrain or steep slopes.

         Ride on smoother and flatter terrain.

    Riding backwards too quickly.

         Stop, turn in place, and proceed                forward.

    Safe Stop has been triggered.

         Come to a controlled stop and safely           step off the Powerbase within 10              seconds.

    Pulling the INMOTION SCV too fast in the Assist Mode.

         Ride smoothly.

    Trying to get on when the angle is too great.

         Lay the Footboard at a moderate angle      first.

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