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    The ultimate Green vehicle!  

    INMOTION an environmentally-friendly with 100% electrically operated vehicle that allows you to stay socially active.

    INMOTION designed with long battery life and no battery memory. The charge can be easily “topped-off” without damaging the battery; with a fully charged battery you will be able to enjoy between two and four hours of movement. 

    Easily transported vehicle; Thinking about carrying and storage, INMOTION SCV is designed to be easy to take with you. INMOTION with a low weight  easy to carrying on and lifting on stairs.

    Smart Phone App for remote control. INMOTION SCV comes with a custom app that allows you to remotely control your INMOTION SCV, see how far you have driven and even change the voice prompts.



    Provide a Gym-free fun workout; V3 helps you to enhance your posture/balance while having fun. It only needs few minutes of trial, to be able to build a strong connection between you and your vehicle then driving becomes intuitive and motivates you to keep moving. In V3 you can make an easy U-turn it is recommended for pleasure use on a wider space.



        INMOTION SCV-V5f A new generation of InMotion electric unicycles, V5f model is a finely designed one-wheeler with some excellent riding features and solid speed/range performance. InMotions V5f is light enough to conveniently use for last mile commuting, and powerful enough to serve as a main commuting tool. A distinct advantage of this model is a lift-up button that disables the motor once the wheel is picked up. With the motor power of 450W and 320Wh battery, this electric unicycle can reach up to 25 km/h running speed and carry a rider for as much as 35 km. Having inherited the voice assistance from the V3 models and powerful front lights, the new InMotion offers a unique user experience spiced up with a superior road performance. These electric wheels come in white and black. 



































        INMOTION SCV-R2EX uses the latest self-balancing technology to instantly respond to your body movements, ensuring you always remain balanced. Hereby, R2 INMOTION SCV can give back mobility to individuals who can still stand and balance, but can’t walk great distances, or for those who work in places that need to walk long distances daily. R2 INMOTION SCV is able to rotate 360° in place, making a partial or complete rotation can be done without moving an inch. So you can quickly turn to any direction on the fly or in a very tight space.Stay connected while using INMOTION. Among the equipment available for INMOTION SCV is a convenient, easy-to-view tablet holder so you can stay in constant communication while you are on a ride, patrol or commute. 








        INMOTION L6    environmentally friendly way to get around.
    E-ride electric kickboards are one of the best performed and most reliable electric scooters.
    High-end features such as accurate LED display, Smartphone connection give you an additional fun with no extra costs.
    Full-suspension, large capacity Li-on Battery, Simple, but elegant design will make you outstanding in performance and style. 







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