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    Maintenance Tips

    There are certain environmental temperature requirements for the utilization and storage of your  INMOTION SCV.    

    Please check each entry to make sure  that you have carefully read everything and will follow  these instructions.  

    The storage of the INMOTION SCV  should be in a secure environment.

    The storage  temperature should be within the range of (-10 °C - 35 °C)  and then charge it. Please fully charge your INMOTION  SCV before the storage to avoid the excessive discharge which is caused by the long period of non-use. If the storage of the INMOTION SCV is over a month, you should remove the battery for separate storage and fully charge the INMOTION SCV battery at least every 3 months.                                      

    Please clean your INMOTION SCV before the storage and you can also cover it up to avoid dirt retention which might affect the performance of your INMOTION SCV.

                                                                     Please Check the FAQ for more tips.


     User Manuals




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