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    A new generation of InMotion electric unicycles, V5F model is a finely designed one-wheeler with some excellent riding features and solid speed/range performance. InMotions V5F is light enough to conveniently use for last mile commuting, and powerful enough to serve as a main commuting tool. A distinct advantage of this model is a lift-up button that disables the motor once the wheel is picked up. With the motor power of 550W and 288Wh battery, this electric unicycle can reach up to 25 km/h running speed and carry a rider for as much as 35 km. Having inherited the voice assistance from the V3 models and powerful front lights, the new InMotion offers a unique user experience spiced up with a superior road performance. These electric wheels come in white and black.


    Following the new fad, InMotion V5F offers a lift-up mechanism that switches the motor off every time the wheel is picked up. Very practical and handy for carrying the electric unicycle through non-rideable or busy areas.





    Enabling the powerful head light ensures safe navigation at dark times of the day and increases general visibility of the rider and the wheel for late night ride-outs.





    Futuristic LED lights and battery indicators are something you are guaranteed to see on any new wheel model, but InMotion outdid themselves with this one. Looking like a cosmic blaster, InMotion V5F has two red stripes on the back and two blue stripes on the front, adding up to rider’s visibility on the streets.




    Famous for the ergonomics, InMotion didn’t let the riders down this time: incredibly soft calf pads and extra pack of attachable ankle pads make the riding experience as enjoyable as possible.





    Using sandpaper-like grip tape for the pedals to avoid slipperiness has proven to be a great solution, and InMotion V5F range is a solid example of it. Whether you are riding in rainy weather or in slippery shoes, the pedal covers of this electric unicycle will maintain a firm contact with the shoe surface.





    Standard 3-pin 67.2V charger for 110V-240V mains with the full charging time of 3-3.5 hours. Simply plug your electric unicycle into any standard  socket.




    InMotion V5F is accompanied by an app which allows you to track your journeys, monitor battery life and motor performance of your electric unicycle. You can also easily share your riding experience with friends using an in-built social network.




         MAXIMUM MILEAGE                        30-35KM
         MAXIMUM CRUISING SPEED         25 KM/Hr
       NET WEIGHT                                   10.5Kg
       PAYLOAD                                         120 Kg
      CHARGING TIME                             3.0 Hr
       MOTOR POWER                              550 W
                               BATTERY SUPPLY                           288WH                      



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