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INMOTION V10F is an electric unicycle invented by INMOTION Group. With advancements in the ergonomics regarding design, industry-leading power, dramatic increases in max speed and range, more functions on the INMOTION APP, a better human-vehicle interaction, and the peace of mind that comes with attention to quality control and safety, the V10 series would be a perfect choice for easy and stress-free commuting.

The first high-powered unicycle for Off-Road, that retains the agility, balance, and response of urban models.
Featured with an anti-theft system, energy regeneration in descents and braking, high-quality speakers, vocal response, horn, and customized side panel for greater security at night.
Well designed, without annoying noises, nor pain in the knees, nor stabilization cuts, nor low pedals, our EUCs are built by those who have contributed with more than 70% of self-stabilized electromobility technology patents. Among the high powered unicycles, the V10F is the most comfortable, elegant, safe, and without overpaying.





6 reviews for INMOTION V10F

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  1. This is a great starter euc for anyone. Definitely invest in a cover if you are new to riding as you will end up dropping/flipping the wheel when you bail. Safety equipment (helmet, wrist guards, knee pads) are also a must for peace of mind.

    The inmotion app needs work, as it disconnects/crashes often. I can’t seem to change settings easily due to this issue. But I downloaded the far superior EUC World app and I’m able to access the same adjustments, and more.

    I’ve ridden several trails, paved, crushed stone, gravel, rocks and dirt, and this wheel performed flawlessly. I get lots of looks, comments and thumbs up while riding. I do play music through the on board Bluetooth speaker and while not great sounding, it’s sufficient and loud enough to warn pedestrians as you come up behind them. The advertised range is far overstated at 100km, where I can only see getting 60km, but I do understand that I’m not riding in perfect conditions, nor flat pavement, plus I’m on the higher weight spectrum too. 40km/hr top speed is sufficient, however as battery power dwindles, top speed is reduced, so it’s always good to keep the battery topped up before each ride.

    I’m really loving this wheel and this new mode of transportation. I can’t wait for Inmotion to release the V12 next year, with higher top speed and range. It would be nice if Inmotion would offer a trade in incentive.

  2. Nice wheel, beautiful an powerful, good range. Great customer service – same day delivery. Complimentary protection cover is a nice add for learning to ride.

  3. Roue très bien construite , solide , comme première roue je la conseil , j ai très hâte de voir comment elle va résister au fil du temps , livraison très rapide , bien emballer .

  4. The best costumer service ever!!! Specially to Ray +100 stars for you my friend, thank you so much for your help you’re the best men!!!

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