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    Inmotion V10

 InMotion V10 unicycle is an awesome ride that functions at the ease of your movement. With a speed that tops the list of electric rides, You will get the speed that outruns most of its competitors coming in at 40 km/h on a 16-inch wheel, it’s the most comfortable and amusing way of getting to your destination.

The V10 has a very smooth ride, soft, quick, and easy ride to your destination. On the Inmotion App, you can switch comfort mode on and the Inmotion V10 uses dual processors to make sure you have the smoothest most responsive experience ever with fewer worries of falling or malfunctions. with a 650wh battery giving you a 70km range.

The V10 also features beautiful customizable 42 multicolored brights LED lighting effects so you can show off your personal style and flair as you cruise down almost any track and for night-time is equipped with a wide, bright, and angled LED night-light so you can see your way in a clear view while not bothering the people in front of you.

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