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    New INMOTION Remote-less Electric Skateboard. INMOTION K1 possesses all of the qualities you're looking for in an electric skateboard As light as it could be, the K1 is a hands-free skateboard where you don't have to worry about constantly holding a remote to power the device.

    It is a lightweight portable e-skateboard that is sensor controlled, no remote controller needed. It’s not only a stunning personal transporter but also a fascinating toy.

    The speed of INMOTION K1 is controlled by weight-sensor controls and the direction of travel is adjusted by tilting the board to one side or the other.


    With a noticeable speed of 15 km/h and range of 8 km and at just 3.6kg, K1 is a lightweight and portable device. With a compact design, you can take it on the bus/train or put it into a car trunk.


    Do not need a remote CONTROLLER, just push forward to accelerate. It is equipped with hub motor (150 W)built directly into the rear wheel, this configuration makes the board more quick and responsive when you kick off.


    It also allows the wheels to spin freely when the motors aren't engaged — so even when the battery dies, you're still free to push, and glide down the hills, just like you would on a regular longboard.


    Unlike most electric skateboards' mechanical slide, it needs riders' push forward to accelerate. This kind of electric power assist skateboard would increase interactions between the user and the board.

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