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    INMOTION L8F / Pre-Order Now

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    Estimated to ship in mid-June

    Inmotion L8 is a two-wheel intelligent electric kick scooter that opens a shining journey of the e-scooter era. Its foldable and portable design makes travel simple and convenient.

    Inmotion L8F is a dynamic electric scooter that starts your journey and will take your riding experience above and beyond. A foldable electric scooter that can go as fast as 18.5mph (30kph) and travel vast distance of 15-18miles (25-30km).

    Inmotion L8F is a light weighted foldable electric scooter with special DIY headlight and color changing LED lights that can be controlled by the app.


    Its unique features such as simpler slide switch mode that enables the rider to go automatically and freely ensure L8F is one of its kind. Experience the rare 30 km/h speed in Electric Scooter and a range of 30 km.


    Motor level suspension and shock absorption allow a perfectly smooth and comfortable ride while its portability is travel convenient by having auxiliary wheels that help you dragging it instead of lifting the device.


    Unlike most electric scooters, L8F has the option of both electrical and mechanical breaks as it prioritizes safety.


    With a motor power of 350W and a max payload of 220lbs (100kg), Inmotion’s L8F is an ideal riding choice not only for kids but also for adults too.



    InMotion L8F electric scooter tech specs

    • Motor: 350 watts brushless DC motor
    • Battery: 36V 8.7Ah (313 Wh) LG battery
    • Top speed: 18.5 mph (30 km/h) (16 mph is more realistic in real-world conditions)
    • Range: 18 miles (30 km)
    • Weight: 26.5 lb (12 kg)
    • Load capacity: 220 lb (100 kg)
    • Brakes: motor braking front, foot brake rear
    • Tires: 8″ solid front, pneumatic rear
    • Suspension: front suspension stem
    • Frame made with Aluminium Alloy
    • Climbing angle: up to 15º
    • Extras: kickstand, headlight, and taillight LED light bar on the stem, hand-activated bar-end turn signals, LED speedometer and battery meter, iOS/Android app for calibration and settings adjustments, IP54 water-resistant rating

    The range is measured with the L8 / L8F fully charged, temperature 25 ℃, load 75kg and riding speed 20 km/h on a flat road. The actual range is subject to load, temperature, wind speed, road condition, and rider's operation habit.

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