How does the Safety System work

The INMOTION SCV is equipped with multiple safety alerts. It is important to understand these alerts before you attempt to ride your INMOTION SCV.
Speed Limiter

When you approach the maximum allowed speed for a given situation, the INMOTION SCV will push the handlebar back to slow you down. The following figure shows the process of speed limiter.
When the INMOTION SCV pushes the handlebar back, stop leaning forward and slow down. Always leave a gap between yourself and the handlebar to ensure safety and a smoothly ride. When you slow down, INMOTION SCV will balance itself according to your body movements.


  • Continuing to accelerate and ride against the Handlebar could cause injury or damage from loss of control, collisions, and falls.
  • The speed at which the handlebar pushes back depends on a variety of factors including set-up speed limiter, terrain, payload, and battery condition. The below list shows conditions that will trigger the speed limiter.
Continuous climbingMotor temperature
Riding on bumpy roadsHigh Circuit temperature
The moment it powers onBattery temperature too high or too low
Low batteryContinuous descending

Safe Stop

If the INMOTION SCV detects severe faults or restrictions (such as being outside the specified riding range), it performs a Safety Shutdown.
When a Safety Shutdown occurs, the INMOTION SCV automatically reduces its speed, gives the Shaft Shake Warning (shakes the handlebar and makes growling noises), and emits a warning tone.
You have approximately 14 seconds from the start of a Safety Shutdown to come to a controlled stop and step off. After 14 seconds, the INMOTION SCV will immediately shut down when the Wheels reach zero speed.


  • Never restart and ride your INMOTION SCV after it has indicated an empty Battery or performed a Safety Shutdown due to low Battery. The INMOTION SCV may not have enough power to keep you balanced, especially if you accelerate, which requires more power.
  • If you restart and continue riding after a Safety Shutdown due to low Battery, you risk falling. Also, you risk damaging your Battery Pack, resulting in reduced Battery life and capacity.

Shaft Vibration Warning

One of the ways that the INMOTION SCV notifies you when you are at risk of falling is by vibrating and releasing a warning sound.
The following chart shows situations that trigger a Shaft Shake Warning, and recommended actions:

Possible Causes Recommended Action
Riding aggressively, accelerating or stopping abruptly. Ride smoothly.
Riding against the Handlebar to speed up. Leave a gap between yourself and the handlebar.
Riding on rough terrain or steep slopes. Ride on smoother and flatter terrain.
Riding backwards too quickly. Stop, turn in place, and proceed forward.
Safe Stop has been triggered. Come to a controlled stop and safely step off the Powerbase within 10 seconds.
Pulling the INMOTION SCV too fast in the Assist Mode. Ride smoothly.
Trying to get on when the angle is too great. Lay the Footboard at a moderate angle first.


  • What can I do with the INMOTION SCV?

In addition to being used as a personal transporter, the INMOTION SCV can also make your life smarter. It can receive and execute simple orders and be used as your mobile photo/video platform or home surveillance assistant. Discover more functions by upgrading the firmware in the future.
  • What do I need to do before I drive an INMOTION SCV?

You need to read the User Manual carefully, watch the Learn to Drive Videos and make sure to follow their instructions when using the INMOTION SCV.

  • What do I need to know when riding an INMOTION SCV?

Stay calm and relaxed, trust your INMOTION SCV like your own body and be careful with people and things beside and behind you.

  • Where can I find the INMOTION app?

The INMOTION SCV Android and iOS App Version 2.1 used for controlling and customizing your INMOTION SCV, is now live on App Store and Google Play.

  • What should I do if the INMOTION SCV cannot be added in the app?

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is on and the INMOTION SCV is powered on. If the INMOTION SCV is set to use a Dynamic IP Address, please be aware that it may take 1~2 minutes to get the IP address.
  • How does the Safety System work?

Safety is our primary concern when developing and manufacturing the INMOTION SCV. We have designed multiple Safety System redundancies and follow strict safety inspection procedures.
  • What do I need to do before I use my INMOTION?

For the first utilization, Please immediately charge your INMOTION SCV before you use it.
  • How long do I need to charge the Battery?

The INMOTION SCV Battery usually needs 3.5 hours charge. To maximize the performance of your INMOTION SCV Battery, please fully charge it once a month, or every 2 days during regular use—whichever comes first.

  • Can the L8F scooter be used manually as a kick scooter if you run out of battery 

  • Can the rear L8F pneumatic wheel be replaced with a solid wheel?

  • Where would one get replacement inner tubes or tires?
     We carry most of the spare parts including tubes and tires 
  • Is the L8F battery replaceable?
     The Battery is located under the scooter chassis, can be replace by using some tools.

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