V10 / V10F Overview

Self balanced Electric Unicycle (EUC) for personal mobility

INMOTION V10 and V10f are the highly technological vehicles to replace the use of the car on daily personal trips “from point to point” in an economical, clean way, without requiring parking and with greater portability and safety features. The self-balancing system simplifies your driving, it is not necessary to be an athlete. It is an ideal solution for cities with high traffic, and to leave behind the use of buses, taxis or arriving late.


The V10F is the most advanced model of the V10 series, corresponding to the most awarded electronic unicycle. Its patented design makes of the V10F, the only unicycle achieving the perfect balance between power, weight, and the location of the center of gravity for an average user. The result is the only unicycle with real all-terrain capability that keeps the agility of smaller models. Among the high powered EUCs, there is no other with the agility and quality of the V10F. The V10F is also a very elegant model with great comfort for long and safe trips.

The V10F is simply the LEXUS SUV of the unicycles, without paying in excess

Connect your V10F to your phone to customize its side LED panels, vocal response, play your favorite music with your premium speakers, and enable the anti-theft system.

  • Wider 2.5″ Tire Better Grip, Tackle Any Terrain.
  • Premium speakers to take your music with you, for your navigation and/or vocal assistant.
  • Responsive brake LED light similar to racing cars.
  • Large magnalium pedals fitted with high-grip rubber for comfort and control. The sandpaper grip surface is also available as an option.
  • Ergonomics tall & slim design with leg support. With the LEXUS SUV of the EUCs, you ride comfortably and safely.
  • Anti-Spin Button INMOTION’s original motor kill-switch prevents unwanted spin out when lifting your EUC. Also for your safety, this button is automatically disabled while you are riding. Just as the power button does.
  • External (far from electronics) fold-Up handle to roll your EUC next to you without having to carry it.
  • Bright headlight, 3 times brighter than other models.
  • Sidelights panel, fully programmable RGB LED lights for more visibility and customization.
  • When tilted 45º or more, the motor is disabled for safety precautions.
  • User-programmable maximum speed with tilt-back protection system.
  • Transport Mode, to decrease the use of energy for long period storage and safer transportation.
  • Active Cooling System with quality MOSFETs for a robust cooling system that keeps critical components always there to back you up during demanding use and regardless of external temperature. Do not experience self-stability crashes and falls, prefer INMOTION safety standard.
  • The braking system with energy regeneration to increase your autonomy.
  • Full INMOTION app (Android and i/OS) with complete telemetry, sensor data, self-diagnosis, anti-theft/lock feature, owner’s registry, vocal response settings (yes, this EUC can talk), sound effects,  lateral LED panel control, to adjusting pedal sensibility, driving style, horn, music, INMOTION Club social network, path or route logging, self sensor calibration, etc.


  • Model: V10F
  • Color: glossy and metallic black with red details.
  • Net Weight: ~20.6kg
  • Range ①: 90~100 km (55.5~62.5 miles)
  • Factory default speed: 25km/h (15.5mph) (programmable with INMOTION App)
  • Maximum speed②: 40km/h (24.9mph) (programmable with INMOTION App)
  • Payload: 120kg (265lbs)
  • Max Slope ③: 30° (depending on the pilot’s weight, it can be even more)
  • Full charging time ④: ~8h (0 to 100%)
  • Charging time of average daily use:  ~1h (depending on your weight and distance)
  • Average efficiency: 16-19 Wh/km (in Santiago with 75-80 kg rider)
  • Motor Power: 2000W
  • Auto-voltage charger: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz with overcharging protection feature.
  • Battery Capacity: Premium 18650 LG cells, with 960Wh (12.8 Ah)
  • Self-protected battery temperature: 131 ℉
  • Working temperature range: 14~104 ℉
  • Footboard to ground distance: 6.77 in  (more important for off-road than the wheel’s width)
  • Wheel type: 16 in * 2.5 in tire and tube type.
  • Factory inflation pressure: 2.8 bar /40 PSI (softer than solid tires and compatible with MTB anti-puncture products).
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
  • Night lateral visibility: LED-RGB panel fully programmable.
  • Application: INMOTION App (Android / iOS) – needs Bluetooth and Internet access.
  • Stability correction: available with the INMOTION app.
  • Anti-theft protection: locking system through the INMOTION app (needs the previous owner’s registry with the serial number of the device).
  • Certifications: IP55, CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, CQC, KC.

① This is tested while riding under full power, 165 lb load, 77 °F, 12.4 mph average speed on the smooth pavement, riding style, temperature, road condition, load, and other factors will affect the ranges.
② The maximum cruising speed is measured at the 77 ºF, the payload of 165 lb, full electric voltage, and flat pavement. The factors like driving style, temperature, road surface condition, payload, etc. will affect the speed.
③ This slope was measured in the case when the load is 165 lb.
④ Charging time varies with the ambient temperature and the battery capacity that may change in the course of time.


  • INMOTION V10F electric unicycle.
  • Fold-up handle (fixed by GPSmodus) to ease transportation without lifting the EUC.
  • Multivoltage charger.
  • Soft lateral pads.
  • User Manual (in English).
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Card.
  • Serial number copy for Owner’s register.
  • Original packing (to be saved by the owner).


INMOTION offers a Warranty depending on the components of their products: 3 months for the tube and tire, 6 months for the battery, and 10 months for the rest of the EUC.

The Quality Certificate and Warranty card describe the criteria and limits of the warranty. The owner is required to keep the original packing. The QC&W card includes a copy of the serial number identifying the EUC and linking it with its owner. The card has to be signed by the owner and InMotion Canada, and it will record each service that the units are subject along with its life. At InMotion Canada, we keep track of the life-story of each of our products in a database, also facilitating resales among our clients.