V8 / V8F Overview

The V8 and V8F are new lightweights, powerful and portable EUC. Motor and battery satisfy the needs of most urban commuters. Its medium size even allows it to be stored in lockers. It is more agile and with an active response than larger or more powerful models. We recommend it, for users up to 90 kg, with displacements of 20 km radius at safe speeds of up to 35 km / h. For heavier users, who require even greater daily movements and/or also want to practice off-road activities in remote areas, we recommend considering the powerfull V10 or V10F. 

  • Model: V8F
  • Color: glossy and metallic black with red details.
  • Net Weight: ~32 lb
  • Range ①: 34~37.5 miles
  • Factory default speed: 15.5 mph (disable with INMOTION App)
  • Maximum speed②: 21.8 mph (adjust with INMOTION App)
  • Payload: 265 lb
  • Premium Bluetooth 4.0 BLE speaker (not to play music as V10F but sound and vocal effects).
  • Max Slope ③: 30° (depending of the pilot’s weight, it can be even more)
  • Full charging time ④: ~4,5 h (0 to 100%)
  • Charging time of average daily use:  ~1 h (depending on your weight and distance)
  • Motor Power: 1000 W nominal and 2000 W instantaneous.
  • Auto-voltage charger: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz with overcharge protection feature.
  • Battery Capacity: 18650  LG premium cells, with 518 Wh total  (7Ah).
  • Battery temperature protection: 131 ºF
  • Working temperature range: 14~104 ℉
  • Footboard to ground distance: 5.94 in
  • Wheel type: 16 in * 2.125 in, multipurpose tire and tube type.
  • Factory inflation pressure: 2.8 bar / 40 PSI (softer than solid tires and compatible with MTB anti-puncture products).
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
  • Night lateral visibility: LED-RGB panel fully customizable.
  • Application: INMOTION App (Android / iOS) – needs Bluetooth and Internet access.
  • Driving modes: standard and comfortable, with variable footrest sensitivity to customize your driving experience.
  • Stability correction: available with INMOTION app.
  • Anti-theft protection: locking system through INMOTION app (needs previous owner’s registry with the serial number of the device).
  • Certifications: IP55, CE, RoHs, FCC, CCC, CQC, KC.
  • Product size: 21.18 x 18.1 x 5.82 in.
  • Packaging: 24.80 x 22.84 x 11.02 in.

① This is tested while riding under full power, 154 lb load, 77 °F, 12.4 mph average speed on the smooth pavement, riding style, temperature, road condition, load and other factors will affect the ranges.
② The maximum cruising speed is measured at the 77 ºF, the payload of 154 lb, full electric voltage and flat pavement. The factors like driving style, temperature, road surface condition, payload etc. will affect the speed.
③ This slope was measured in the case when the load is 154 lb.
④ Charging time varies with the ambient temperature and the battery capacity that may change in the course of time.


  • INMOTION V8F electric unicycle.
  • Multivoltage charger.
  • Soft lateral pads.
  • User Manual (in English).
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty Card.
  • Serial number copy for Owner’s register.
  • Original packing (to be saved by the owner).


INMOTION offers a Warranty depending on the components of their products: 3 months for the tube and tire, 6 months for the battery, and 10 months for the rest of the EUC.

The Quality Certificate and Warranty card describe the criteria and limits of the warranty. The owner is required to keep the original packing. The QC&W card includes a copy of the serial number identifying the EUC and linking it with its owner. The card has to be signed by the owner and InMotion Canada, and it will record each service that the units are subject along with its life. At InMotion Canada, we keep track of the life-story of each of our products in a database, also facilitating resales among our clients.